Drug Possession – Heroin

Heroin is a highly addictive drug. It’s because of this that penalties for heroin possession are so severe. If you are accused of possessing heroin in Georgia, you face serious potential consequences. A local criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.

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Not all people accused of possession of heroin are junkies. But it seems that you are judged as one long before you go to court. The police may treat you poorly and your family may lose respect for you when you are charged with a crime like this. It can be difficult to hold your head up when it feels like no one has your back.

When you are charged with a crime like this, a criminal defense attorney is your advocate when may feel that everyone else seems to have stopped supporting you.

Georgia Heroin Possession – Penalties

The penalties for heroin crimes are strict. This drug is classified as a Schedule I substance, the most addictive classification under the law. Possession of a Schedule I substance is a felony charge.

A first-time charge of heroin possession carries 2 to 15 years in prison and fines. If, however, this is your second or subsequent offense, you face up to 30 years behind bars if convicted.

Drug Possession Laws – What is Possession?

You do not have to have heroin in your pocket to be charged with possession of heroin. Nor do you have to be high or be holding a syringe in your hand. Possession means you are able to have control over the drugs.

Because of this broad definition, you can be charged with possession for drugs found in your car, whether or not they are yours, those found in your home, and even those found on the ground near you.

Heroin Charge Defense Strategies

No two cases are the same. Because of this, no two cases should be handled in the same manner with the same strategy. Your defense lawyer will develop a solid defense plan based on the facts of your case.

If you contact us today for a consultation, we can discuss what defense strategy would be the smartest for your particular situation. From working on a favorable plea agreement with the prosecution to challenging the evidence against you, we will work on getting you the best possible results on your day in court.

Georgia Drug Courts

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you are charged, you could be eligible for participation in a drug court program. These programs allow for offenders to receive treatment rather than jail time. They are not a walk in the park, however, and require frequent court check-ins, among other things.

If you are charged with heroin possession and in need of a defense lawyer, contact our offices today to discuss the details of your case and how exactly what an attorney can do to help.