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The Attorneys of MyGeorgiaDefenseLawyer.com are dedicated to criminal defense. We offer a criminal case evaluation where you can learn what we can do for you. Please contact us if you have been charged with a criminal offense in the state of Georgia.

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What is important to look for in a  Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The 3 most important things are Experience, Comfort Level, and Results.

Experience: You need an attorney who is very well versed in the everyday occurrences of a Georgia criminal courtroom. That means knowing the law, of course. But it also means knowing how it is applied in the real world. What negotiations will work with each day? What sentences and motions are the local judges willing to go along with? Justice may be blind, but people have strong tendencies and biases. An attorney who knows the courtroom, the judges, lawyers, clerks, and staff can have a real advantage in how you are treated.

Comfort Level: Fighting a criminal charge is a stressful experience. You go into court, and it is the state vs. you. A lot of things may be happening that you won’t exactly understand, so you’ll want to feel very comfortable with the lawyer you’ve chosen to represent you.

Your attorney is the only advocate for you in that courtroom. The prosecutors want to prosecute you, and keep up their conviction rate. Judges are supposed to be completely neutral, but in the real world, some are just plain tough on defendants.

With all this going on, you need to feel that you attorney is there for you. Not just to represent you in court, but to help you, the person. Someone who will take the time to explain the process of what is happening. Someone who can answer all your questions so you don’t have to be confused and stressed the entire time. And of course, someone who is fighting like make to get you the best outcome. Whether you are taking the case to trial, or just looking for the best plea deal possible that you can live with, you need the best Georgia criminal defense attorney for you.

Results: Ultimately, the outcome is what matters. So you should ask any attorney you are considering to represent you in a criminal case in Georgia:

  • How many cases have you handled like mine?
  • Have you won many of those cases?
  • What about your experience makes you the best Georgia criminal defense lawyer for my case?

A lawyer who knows how to win cases, and get results is who you want. But also listen for “straight talk”. Some attorneys over-promise results so that you will hire them. A good attorney will tell you the risks you face, and what he or she thinks your chances are. He or she will tell you the good things about the facts of your case, and be honest about the facts that are working against you.