Drug Possession – Methamphetamine

Meth possession charges are a serious matter, something that could truly impact your entire life. From the short term effects like jail time to the long term effects like having a criminal record, a methamphetamine conviction is something that should be avoided whenever possible. If you are accused of possessing meth and you are in need of assistance, we may be able to help.

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Whether you admit you had meth on you and maybe even that you have a drug problem, or if you claim you are innocent of the charges, you deserve fair treatment in the criminal court system. We all have rights, and those rights are still present when you are accused of a crime. The primary purpose of a defense lawyer is to ensure those rights are protected.

Georgia Methamphetamine Possession Laws

What is “Possession” under the law?

You may have been caught with drugs in your pocket. But, the meth doesn’t have to be physically on you in order for you to be convicted of possession. On the contrary, possession merely means you were able to control the drugs.

Because of this, any drugs in your home or your vehicle will be attributed to you. Similarly, if they are found near you, you can be charged with possession. Even if someone stashes meth under the passenger seat of your car, it’s you who could pay the price.

Georgia Methamphetamine Possession Penalties

Meth is classified as a Schedule II substance under Georgia law. This means the government views meth as highly addictive and dangerous. Possession of meth is a felony offense.

If this is your first such charge, you face 2 to 15 years in prison for a meth possession conviction. But if this is your second or greater offense, you face up to 30 years. The stakes are high and the penalties severe for offenses like these.

What Can Be Done? – Legal Options for Meth Possession Charges

A meth possession charge is not the same as a conviction. In other words, you still have options. The vast majority of cases like these end in a plea agreement. This means you agree to plead guilty to the offense in exchange for a more lenient sentence. If a conviction is likely, this is often the best solution.

If the case goes to trial, your attorney can use a variety of tactics to establish doubt in the minds of the jurors as to your guilt. From challenging the arrest to the constitutionality of the search, your attorney will be there to help ensure everything is done to minimize the risk of imprisonment.

Methamphetamine possession is a serious charge with serious penalties. If you are accused of possessing meth, contact us today to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.